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Abuse need not be physical to be domestic violence

When portrayed on television, victims of domestic violence often carry bruises and injuries on their bodies. These physical manifestations of harm are recognizable, and unfortunately many Californians suffer from these devastating injuries at the hands of family members. However, not all cases of domestic violence involve physical harm. Many victims of domestic violence suffer from abuse that others may never actually see.

Psychological or emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence. It can involve the humiliation of a victim, controlling a victim through the offering or omission of information, using fear or money to control a victim or many other forms of abuse that subject to victims to devastating conditions. Psychological abuse can exacerbate physical violence between a victim and their aggressor, and psychological abuse can cause a victim to suffer long-term harm.

Nearly half of all men and women in the United States have experienced emotional or psychological abuse at the hands of intimate partners, and nearly 20 percent of women have been threatened with violence by intimate partners. Psychological abuse is pervasive, damaging and real, and victims who suffer with it should not have to do so alone.

There are a variety of legal tools that domestic violence victims may utilize to protect themselves and their dependents from the physical, psychological and emotional abuse that their aggressors use to control them. Protective orders, restraining orders and other court mandated orders may keep aggressors from having any contact with their victims. Victims of domestic violence do not have to seek these protections alone; family law attorneys are legal professionals who support domestic violence victims and can help them access legal protections to improve their safety and lives.

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