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Child custody battle impacts tennis player's ability to compete

The early months of a new baby's life are often wrought with joy, fear and exhaustion for the child's parents. California residents who have experienced the joy of bringing a new child home either through childbirth or adoption can understand how stressful and wonderful the experience of growing one's family can be. While most new parents weather the rough stretches of their new child's life no worse for wear, others suffer irreparable damage to their relationships and lives that can result in significant family law dilemmas.

At present, a famous tennis player is sitting out the U.S. Open in order to address an ongoing child custody dispute with her former partner. Victoria Azarenka elected not to travel to New York from California to compete in the event because she could not take her young son with her. Azarenka and the child's father split up after the child was born and have been embroiled in a fight over the child's custody for much of the summer.

Courts can restrict parents' rights to take their children across state lines when custody fights are underway. This can be in part due to the courts' wishes to prevent cases of parental abduction from occurring and to protect the rights of the parents whose children may be removed from their vicinity.

The details of Azarenka's battle with her ex are not fully known, and it is unclear if and when the court may resolve the legal problems that currently exist between her and her former partner. As they seek to settle the custodial matters regarding their child, the court working on this case will look to protect the boy's best interests as it determines a custodial arrangement for the former partners to adopt.

Source:, "Azarenka withdraws from US Open amid child custody dispute," Aug. 21, 2017

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