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August 2017 Archives

Child custody battle impacts tennis player's ability to compete

The early months of a new baby's life are often wrought with joy, fear and exhaustion for the child's parents. California residents who have experienced the joy of bringing a new child home either through childbirth or adoption can understand how stressful and wonderful the experience of growing one's family can be. While most new parents weather the rough stretches of their new child's life no worse for wear, others suffer irreparable damage to their relationships and lives that can result in significant family law dilemmas.

Abuse need not be physical to be domestic violence

When portrayed on television, victims of domestic violence often carry bruises and injuries on their bodies. These physical manifestations of harm are recognizable, and unfortunately many Californians suffer from these devastating injuries at the hands of family members. However, not all cases of domestic violence involve physical harm. Many victims of domestic violence suffer from abuse that others may never actually see.

Use technology carefully as you divorce

You enjoy using technology. You have different social media sites that you visit regularly. You like to text and email. You like the way you can stay connected with friends and family. You get to see pictures and updates in an instant. You follow accounts that give you mom-tips. With just one click, you can find fun workout routines, what’s happening at the farmer’s market and the latest information from around town. You stay connected with your neighborhood email group. You even have several group messages that stay live in your text-history.

Do I have to allege fault for a California divorce?

Once upon a time in jurisdictions throughout the United States an individual had to allege and prove a "fault" basis so that they could secure a divorce from their spouse. Fault grounds included, but were not limited to, allegations of adultery, desertion, incarceration, insanity, cruelty and impotency.

The Brandon Law Group represents victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence plagues many households throughout California. It occurs between spouses, domestic partners, parents and their children, and across generations. It happens in the homes of the wealthy and of the poor. It does not discriminate and it is dangerous to those who suffer as its victims.

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