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The Brandon Law Group represents victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence plagues many households throughout California. It occurs between spouses, domestic partners, parents and their children, and across generations. It happens in the homes of the wealthy and of the poor. It does not discriminate and it is dangerous to those who suffer as its victims.

Domestic violence can take on many forms. It can manifest as physical or sexual abuse. It can be threats of violence with or without the involvement of weapons. It can be emotional and leave victims with unseen scars. It can terrorize those who must suffer it from individuals who they expect to love and support them.

It can be very difficult to break free from a relationship that involves domestic violence but legal options may provide victims with the relief and support they need to find safety for themselves and their dependents. Through the courts victims of domestic violence can seek restraining orders that can limit or prohibit contact between victims and their aggressors and can provide victims with enforcement options that can help keep them safe.

Standing up for one's rights as the victim of domestic violence can be terrifying but there is no reason that individuals in this difficult position must do so alone. At the Brandon Law Group domestic violence clients are given the care and consideration they require to both understand their legal rights to stop their aggressors and the support they need to move forward on addressing their situations through the California courts. To learn more about the attorneys of the Brandon Law Group and their commitment to serving victims of domestic violence readers are encouraged to visit their website.

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