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Do domestic violence protections extend to ex-spouses?

In the state of California the term "domestic violence" utilizes a broad definition and covers a variety of different personal relationships. Claims of domestic violence can include allegations that one party attempted to physically harm another, that an aggressor sexually abused their domestic violence victim and that an aggressor used intimidation to make their victim fear for their safety.

Domestic violence also covers less overt forms of abuse and attempts by one partner to control the other. It can involve harassment in person, over the phone or through electronic means. It can include the destruction of a victim's personal property by their aggressor and it can also involve an aggressor disturbing the peace of their victim.

Domestic violence does not only occur between current partners, but it may also include harm inflicted by a former partner upon a person they were once in a relationship with. Individuals who were formerly married may still experience domestic violence at the hands of their ex-spouses as in California the laws apply to individuals who are related by blood and who are or were related through marriage.

Individuals who engage in domestic violence are attempting to control those who they believe should be subservient to them. It is not uncommon for an ex-spouse to wish to continue to control their former spouse even after their relationship has come to its legal end, and for this reason domestic violence protections can apply to formerly married parties.

Help is available to those who are victims of domestic violence, whether at the hands of current or former partners. To address domestic violence issues in their lives victims may wish to consult with family law attorneys who may advise them of their rights as well their options for seeking orders of protection against their domestic violence aggressors.

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