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Certain factors carry significant weight in child custody cases

During family law proceedings, a California court may be required to decide where a child should reside and which of their parents should have custody of them. While in some cases courts determine that the children will benefit from the joint physical custodianship of both of their parents, in other cases courts must choose between the children's parents based on the best information they can gather. This post will touch on a few of the factors courts may evaluate when deciding physical custody matters.

Factors directly related to the child will weigh heavily on how their physical custody will be managed. Courts will look at the child's age as well as their health and determine if they can be moved between the homes of both parents or if they should reside exclusively with one parent.

In addition courts will determine if the child has a stronger emotional bond with either parent and if either parent may have limitations that would stifle the child's emotional, physical and mental development. Claims of abuse will be taken seriously by California courts as will the child's attachments to their school, friends and community.

In the end, California courts want to preserve children's best interests when they make decisions about the physical custody of the kids who appear in their chambers. Physical custody can be shared by both parents, may be granted to one parent, or in certain cases may be granted to third parties when the parents are not able to care for their children. In order to have a good understanding of how one's own child custody matter may be resolved readers, are asked to seek legal counsel.

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