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Legal options are available for victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence is not always obvious. It can be difficult to spot in a California family's household, and it can be challenging to address when victims are afraid to take action against their abusers. Because domestic violence can take on many forms, identifying it as a problem in one's life can be even more challenging.

Domestic violence covers physical and sexual abuse, as well as emotional and mental abuse. It can be suffered by boyfriends and girlfriends, domestic partners and married spouses, children and other loved ones with whom a personal relationship is shared within a household. Domestic violence may leave physical marks on the bodies of victims or the harm that victims suffer may hide below the surface.

No matter what form of domestic violence a victim experiences, though, there are legal options for bringing the abuse to an end. California courts have the power to issue orders of protection, such as restraining orders, that can limit the contact that abusers have with their victims and give victims some breathing room to untangle their lives from those of their aggressors.

Orders of protection can demand that aggressors physically stay away from those that they harm. They can cut off communications between aggressor and victim, limit whether an aggressor may own a weapon and may provide other types of relief. In order to secure a restraining order or order of protection a victim must take action and file for such relief.

Domestic violence should never be tolerated, but help is available. Attorneys in California are available to help victims of domestic violence leave their abusers, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

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