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What are the requirements for a summary dissolution of marriage?

In California many divorces follow a somewhat predictable path. The parties to the divorce find legal representatives who may help them advocate for their interests and present their cases in a court of law. A judge may make determinations on how the couple's property will be divided, children will be cared for, and support will be paid. When all relevant issues are finalized the couple may break into two single individuals.

However, for some Californians a more simplified process may be available. Certain couples may seek divorce through summary dissolutions of their marriages. In order to utilize the summary dissolution of marriage process a couple must meet certain criteria.

First, couples must have marriages that are no longer than five years in duration. The partners may not share children through birth or adoption and they may not be expecting any children together at the time they file for summary dissolution of marriage. They may not own property together and may not be co-signers on long-term rental agreements.

Married partners who have few shared and personal assets, as well as few shared debts may qualify for summary dissolution of marriage. There are exceptions to certain shared financial obligations, though, and it is always best for individuals exploring paths to divorce to discuss their options with family law attorneys.

Finally, individuals who hope to use summary dissolution of marriage to end their legal relationships must agree that neither spouse will seek support from the other. The partners must be able to formalize the division of their property and if these and other conditions are met their marriage may end without hearings and ongoing legal proceedings.

Residents of Seal Beach have options when planning to end their marriages. So that they make wise decisions that meet their families' needs, readers who are in the process of contemplating divorce are encouraged to discuss their questions and concerns with legal professionals in their communities.

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