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Actress accused of domestic violence after striking her husband

Although readers of this Seal Beach family law blog may assume that all domestic violence abusers are men, this is not true. Women also commit violence against the individuals that they share relationships with and can be responsible for inflicting mental and physical pain upon those that they are close to. Over the Thanksgiving holiday a television actress was arrested for allegedly hitting her husband of two years.

Actress Naya Rivera, known for her role on the television show "Glee," is accused of hitting her husband on the head and lip during a walk with their 2-year-old son. After law enforcement officials arrived on the scene of the alleged attack Rivera was arrested and taken into police custody. Rivera was able to pay her bond and gain release from jail.

Being the victim of domestic violence can be a terrifying experience. However, people in such situations do have options for staying safe. Victims of domestic violence can and often do seek legal protections in the form of protective orders to keep their abusers from contacting them and being near them.

Domestic violence abusers are not all the stereotypical rough and loud men that entertainment programs often portray. They can be women and men of all sizes and shapes, and they can inflict harm upon the people they are supposed to love with their words and their actions. It is unknown if Rivera and her husband have a history of violence in their relationship, but hopefully each will take steps to get the help they need to move past this unfortunate incident of domestic violence in their relationship.

Source: CNN, "Actress Naya Rivera charged with domestic battery," Joe Sutton, Nov. 26, 2017

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