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Stalking is a damaging form of domestic violence

From time to time a celebrity news source may report on an incident of stalking that occurred between a media personality and a fan. These forms of stalking are often criminal in nature, and individuals who commit them can be prosecuted in the criminal courts of California. However, there is a second form of stalking that is equally deserving of attention and just as damaging as those that occur between delusional individuals and their objects of fixation: domestic violence stalking.

Domestic violence stalking happens between a victim and someone who knows them. The stalker is often a former partner from a marital or non-marital relationship. Stalking can involve but is not limited to repeated threatening contact with the victim, following the victim, damaging the victim's property or otherwise causing fear for the victim's personal safety.

Stalking can lead to emotional distress in the victim as well as other serious consequences. A victim may not feel safe or comfortable in their own home if their stalker knows where they live and how to access them. A victim may suffer challenges to their existing relationships and commitments as their stalker's actions dictate the course of the victim's life.

Stalking in the domestic violence arena is very serious and should be addressed with legal actions. Protective orders and other court-issued mandates may require stalkers to leave their victims alone or risk the threat of serious legal consequences. Victims of stalking and other forms of domestic violence are encouraged to take active steps toward ending the violence they experience at the hands of their abusers and seek the freedom they deserve to experience in their everyday lives.

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