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Make your child's needs a legal priority in 2018

Recently, this Seal Beach-based family law blog focused on parenting time interference. This situation is a serious matter that hinders the relationship between a child and one of their parents due to the conduct of the child's other parent. A parent who interferes with the bond between their child and their former partner may do so through ignoring a custodial schedule that they share with their ex or going out of their way to make it difficult for their ex to be with their shared child.

A parent whose relationship with their child is affected by parenting time interference does not need to simply sit by as their time with their child deteriorates. Child custody orders and agreements generally contain built-in enforcement protocols that may impose legal sanctions on parents who interfere or otherwise fail to abide by the terms of the agreement or order. An interfering parent may face legal sanctions for taking adverse action against their ex and impact the best interests of their child.

However, parenting time interference is not the only factor that can impact a child's relationship with their parent or parents. Developmental changes in a child's life or changes to their health may make one parent's care more desirable than that of the other as the child transitions into a new stage of life. These and other changes in needs can require parent to seek modifications to their existing custodial agreements and orders.

The Brandon Law Group wants to help its clients make their children's needs a priority in the New Year. Whether through addressing concerns over unpaid child support, reworking custodial plans or fixing other important legal issues the Brandon Law Group is available to provide caring and competent family law advising and representation.

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