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Recognize the signs of parenting time interference

Child custody arrangements can be difficult legal matters for parents. In most cases a parent must part with their child for some amount of time, whether they share their child's physical custody with their former partner or if their former partner has visitation time with the child. The absence of their children from their lives can be difficult for Seal Beach parents to accept.

Though many families learn to live with the custodial plans that they or their family law courts set up for them, others struggle to work through the process of learning to co-parent and struggle to share parenting responsibilities. When a parent allows their frustrations to interfere with their child's relationship with their other parent, parenting time interference may be occurring.

Parenting time interference happens when a parent deliberately inhibits the interactions between a parent and their child. A parent may refuse to drop their child off for visitation time with their former spouse or they may regularly change the times of visitation to when they know their ex cannot be available.

This form of interference is damaging to the already strained relationships that children often share with their parents after a separation or divorce. In some cases parenting time interference may progress into a form of psychological manipulation that may cause a child to turn away from one of their parents due to the actions of the other parent.

Parents who are fighting with their exes to follow the parenting time schedules their custodial agreements and orders dictate should not have to deal with noncompliance. Court orders and court-backed agreements regarding child custody may be enforced with appropriate sanctions. The support of a family law attorney can help a parent get their custodial schedule back on track and to eliminate instances of parenting time interference from their lives.

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