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End of a relationship may not mean the end of domestic violence

Several months ago, this family law blog discussed the applicability of California's domestic violence statute to ex-spouses. A person who was formerly married to their abuser has rights under this law. This post will expand on that topic to discuss two other ways that former partners may be protected from domestic violence.

First, individuals who suffer abuse at the hands of individuals they formerly lived with can seek protections under the state's domestic violence law. Second, people who were in relationships and share children may also use the domestic violence legislation to secure protective orders for themselves and their kids.

In other words, a person does not have to be in an active relationship with their abuser to be a domestic violence victim. The violence they experience while married or living with their abuser may continue after they take the important step to sever ties with their abuser; finding the strength to leave a domestic violence abuseris commendable, but it doesn't always stop the abuse. Individuals who continue to suffer from the physical, emotional, sexual and psychological harm of domestic violence can always seek support to further protect and distance themselves from those who seek to harm them.

Domestic violence is often about controlling another person and this can happen whether a victim is married to, divorced from, dating or in an ended relationship with their abuser. Control does not stop because a relationship ends but victims can take control of their lives to end domestic violence. Protective orders issued through the California courts can be important legal tools to breaking abusers' domination of their victims. Thus, it is vital that victims understand their rights and how they can take steps to protect him or herself.

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