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Should you pursue alimony in your divorce?

Not every California divorce will end with one of the parties committed to providing the other with alimony. Previously, this family law blog discussed the amount of time that a person may be required to make alimony payments. However, spouses might wonder whether he or she is a prospective recipient of spousal support and if they should pursue alimony in their divorce.

A court may not approve a party's request for support if the party can support themselves or otherwise has access to income or wealth they may live on. Alimony is generally not a punishment but an acknowledgement that during a marriage the parties may divide up the responsibilities of the relationship, resulting in one of the parties becoming financially disadvantaged when the marriage ends if their relationship task kept them out of the workforce.

When considering whether to pursue alimony it can be helpful for a party to talk out their questions with their divorce attorney. From whether they may be able to collect it to how long and how much alimony they may be able to receive, a dedicated family law and divorce legal counselor can be an asset to a person with questions at the end of their marriage.

The Brandon Law Group, conveniently located in Seal Beach is committed to helping its clients understand their rights as well as the laws that may impact their futures. From divorce and alimony to child custody, support and property division, the legal team at the Brandon Law Group is available to serve the family law needs of their existing and prospective clients. To learn more, check out our law firm's divorce website.

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