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Firearms and domestic violence: A review of the law

Domestic abuse is more than physical abuse. A California victim of this devastating form of harm may suffer psychological and emotional harm as a result of the attacks they are subjected to by a member of their households. An abuser on their own may be able to cause a significant amount of harm in the life of their victim; an abuser with a gun is a potentially deadly threat to those who must live with them.

For this reason, individuals who have been convicted of domestic abuse may not own or possess firearms. This prohibition stems from several federal laws which will be discussed herein. The first is the Gun Control Act of 1968. Under this law, domestic violence abuser with convictions on such charges may not own guns, and under the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, domestic violence abusers with restraining orders taken out against them may not own guns.

Because a restraining or protective order has the power to keep a firearm out of the hands of a dangerous domestic violence abuser, it is imperative that victims take steps to distance themselves from those who wish to cause them harm. Family law attorneys are excellent resources for victims and can help them begin the processes of protecting themselves from future abuse.

Firearms in the hands of domestic violence aggressors can be deadly. Several laws are in place to prevent tragedies from happening when the wrong people are allowed to own guns. To learn more about how state and federal laws work to help victims of domestic violence, one should take the time to understand their situation and explore their legal options.

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