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Many things are on the minds of California couples divorcing. While they might be focused on their post-divorce life and how it will allow them to be in a better situation, spouses will need to focus on the matter at hand. When children are involved in a divorce, this means developing a custody order that works for both parents. However, because neither parent wants to lose time with their child, it is likely that this issue will present various disputes.

Child custody matters can have various results. Additionally, this family law matter can be revisited over time. If a parent initially wants a joint custody to look like shared weeks and every other weekend initially, they may change their mind to alternating weeks when the child gets older. Additionally, if a parent is granted primary custody while the other one enjoys visitation rights, this could change if the other parent seeks an arrangement that would allow for physical custodial rights and shared custody.

At Brandon Law Group, our experienced legal team understands that it is difficult to reach a comprisable agreement during child custody disputes. We further understand that it is extremely challenging to revisit these matters. Nonetheless, divorced parents must be realistic and understand that this is a possibility in their post-divorce life. Our law firm is dedicated to helping parents in the Seal Beach area understand these matters and the rights afforded to them.

To learn more, check out our law firm's child custody website. Whether you are facing issues agreeing to a custody arrangement during dissolution or you are seeking modification of a current order, it is vital that you fully understand the matter and how best to proceed. This will ensure you rights are protected as well as the best interests of the child.

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