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February 2018 Archives

Popular Hollywood couple splits

Jennifer Aniston has long been America's sweetheart since her run on the astronomically popular sitcom, "Friends". Her subsequent marriage to actor Brad Pitt solidified her status as a Hollywood star, and when their union crumbled, Californians felt the split as if it had occurred between their close friends. Aniston later married her second husband, actor Justin Theroux, in a significantly less public and Hollywood-style affair.

Firearms and domestic violence: A review of the law

Domestic abuse is more than physical abuse. A California victim of this devastating form of harm may suffer psychological and emotional harm as a result of the attacks they are subjected to by a member of their households. An abuser on their own may be able to cause a significant amount of harm in the life of their victim; an abuser with a gun is a potentially deadly threat to those who must live with them.

Helping you resolve custody matters during and after divorce

Many things are on the minds of California couples divorcing. While they might be focused on their post-divorce life and how it will allow them to be in a better situation, spouses will need to focus on the matter at hand. When children are involved in a divorce, this means developing a custody order that works for both parents. However, because neither parent wants to lose time with their child, it is likely that this issue will present various disputes.

New wealth can be protected through a prenup

Everyone dreams of having a million dollar idea that makes them rich. In this current age of tech and the growth of app development, some young California professionals are experiencing just that aspiration. One great idea that draws in consumers can become a billion dollar entity in the blink of an eye and turn an average incomed individual into a millionaire overnight.

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