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Popular Hollywood couple splits

Jennifer Aniston has long been America's sweetheart since her run on the astronomically popular sitcom, "Friends". Her subsequent marriage to actor Brad Pitt solidified her status as a Hollywood star, and when their union crumbled, Californians felt the split as if it had occurred between their close friends. Aniston later married her second husband, actor Justin Theroux, in a significantly less public and Hollywood-style affair.

Unfortunately, though, Aniston and Theroux's marriage also seems to be at its end. Although the partners only marred a little over two years ago, they recently announced that they have decided to part ways. Aniston and Theroux do not have any children, and it is unknown if they created a prenuptial agreement prior to their union.

Aniston and Theroux have both had success in their acting careers and as such may have significant assets to split as their union ends. In the event that they created a prenup prior to saying "I do", the financial decisions required of them to conclude their divorce may have already been established in the terms of that agreement.

Hollywood divorces can be hard on the celebrities who must endure their marital failures in public, but they do offer average Americans a good opportunity to learn more about what a divorce really accomplishes. Whereas a marriage is a legal process that joins two individuals, a divorce is a legal process that severs the legal bond their marriage created. A divorce requires married individuals to separate their property, find agreement over if and how spousal support will be paid and, if applicable, the custodial and support matters that will affect their children once their divorce is finalized.

Source:, "Jennifer Aniston, husband Justin Theroux announce separation," Carly Mallenbaum, Feb. 15, 2018

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