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A protective order can be sought for many reasons in CA

When you decide it is time to leave an abusive relationship, you may wonder if you need to take steps to protect yourself and your children. You might have heard that you cannot seek protection if the abuse was not physical. Spousal abuse takes many forms, and you may be encouraged to learn that you can seek an order of protection for reasons other than bodily harm in California.

Obviously, the main reason for seeking a protective order is to remain safe while you take steps to end an abusive marriage. An abusive person who has never physically struck his or her spouse may unexpectedly react in violence when faced with the other partner leaving. However, you are also entitled to protect yourself from the emotional and verbal backlash that can result from leaving your spouse, which can be just as damaging as leaving someone who is physically abusive.

You may seek a protective order for the following reasons:

  • Physical violence or threats of violence against you, your children or your pets
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Damage to your personal property
  • Sexual coercion or forced sexual acts against your will
  • Financial control

As we have explained in previous posts, an order of protection restricts your abuser from going near you and your children, or from making contact. This includes communicating through text message, email or phone calls at work. Your abuser may also be required to leave your home and pay child support. Violating a protective order can result in serious penalties, including fines and jail time. Some violations are considered felony charges, such as crossing state lines with the intent of violating the order, or taking or hiding a child from the parent who has been granted legal custody.

An order of protection is not a guarantee of safety, but the legal and criminal consequences may be enough to make your abuser think twice about violating it.

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