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Best interests of the child is an important custody consideration

California parents may often take note of just how different their kids are from those of others, and parents who have more than one child may even notice these variations between their own offspring. From an early age, children define themselves in particular ways and may have very different paths to approaching life. Though all children have the same basic requirements in terms of food, shelter and other necessary provisions, each may have different individual needs that they necessitate in order to thrive.

This is why California courts make the "best interests of the child" a matter of importance when deciding on issues related to custody and visitation. Children of different ages, genders, abilities and health may have incredibly diverse needs that could be better suited to the custody of one parent, both parents or even third parties.

Consider first a couple that divorces a few months after the birth of its first child. The mother may be exclusively breastfeeding the child and the child may not have any experience with a bottle. It may not serve the child's interests to be placed with its father in those early months when transitioning away from the mother is difficult.

Conversely, a child who is 16-years-old and who has a strong bond with both parents may benefit from splitting their time between the households of their parents. It is a subjective evaluation that courts must make to ensure that kids are given the best chances of having success and support in their custodial arrangements.

Child custody and visitation matters can be stressful and hard on parents and kids. However, courts do attempt to approve plans that serve the best interests of the children subject to their orders. Parents can help advocate for their kids' interests and may find it helpful to work with family law attorneys who understand the importance of getting custody plans done right.

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