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Can threats be enough for a domestic violence charge?

Readers of this post who are afraid for their safety or the safety of their dependents due to the actions of a domestic partner are encouraged to seek legal guidance and help. In California, an aggressor may commit domestic violence if they make threats or promises to their victims that the aggressor will cause them physical harm.

A domestic violence aggressor does not actually have to lay a hand on their victim in order to be guilty of the offense. This Seal Beach family law blog previously discussed how stalking can amount to domestic violence under the California state statute. One should note that threats of violence and harm are also non-physical actions that may result in fear for domestic violence victims and charges for domestic violence aggressors.

Threats of violence can significantly impact the emotional, psychological and physical health of a victim. Threats can be damaging and may be used by an aggressor to control their victim and to manipulate their actions. Individuals who suffer under the weight of their aggressor's threats should know that they may find legal protections through protective orders issued by the local courts.

A protective order may be issued to limit the type of contact that an aggressor has with their victim. If the aggressor is verbally abusive, then the protective order may prohibit them from having any form of communication with their victim. Victims are encouraged to seek legal help to learn more about the options they may have for their particular domestic violence cases.

Domestic violence is a serious criminal and civil matter. While a prosecutor may seek conviction against a domestic violence aggressor, a victim may seek protection for themselves and their dependents through the civil court system. Victims have rights and options under the law that can protect them.

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