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Now is the time to end domestic violence in your life

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can cause people to act in unexpected ways, such as to subdue them into compliance or to acquiesce to unreasonable situations. California victims of domestic violence understand the power of fear all too well: fear is a common tool that domestic violence aggressors use against those they seek to control.

Fear is also a reason that many victims of domestic violence choose not to come forward or to seek the support of others. They may not believe that there is anything that can be done to help them or that if they do come forward, their aggressors will simply increase their threats and violence. Domestic violence is a serious legal issue, and the manner a victim chooses to approach it is dependent upon their willingness to instigate change.

Change in a domestic violence situation does not have to be accomplished by a victim alone. A victim of domestic violence may enlist the help of powerful allies as they prepare themselves to face their aggressor and achieve freedom from their abuse.

Attorneys who practice family law are often excellent resource for men and women who feel trapped by the control of their domestic violence abusers. As previously discussed on this blog, domestic violence can happen between individuals of the same household, former spouses, individuals who share children and other forms of relationships. Any victim has the right to seek help in their fight to break free.

The Brandon Law Group is located in Seal Beach and proudly supports domestic violence victims in their quests for relief. The attorneys of the firm are prepared to work with individuals who are ready to break the pattern of violence in their lives and to set themselves up for a safe and secure future.

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